Get to know our team of professionals dedicated to providing top-quality support by reading their bios below.

Wes Parker

Wes Parker, the founder and lead IT technician of North Branch Tech, has been passionate about technology and computers since childhood. His interest was sparked in 1964 when he visited the IBM and AT&T exhibits at the World’s Fair at the age of 9. Recognizing the importance of technology for the future, Wes has spent over 40 years in the computer industry, honing his technical skills and knowledge.
Wes has an extensive corporate background, having worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Central Vermont Medical Center, and Waitsfield Telecom. In 2014, he established North Branch Tech after a successful decade of owning and operating an IT consulting business. His vast experience in networking, combined with his technical prowess, has earned him a reputation as a highly skilled and experienced IT technician. Wes is committed to providing top-notch IT management and security services to small and medium-sized businesses in the local community. He excels at resolving even the most complex technical issues and is dedicated to his clients’ satisfaction.
Aside from his commitment to excellent customer service, Wes is known for his great sense of humor and loves to tell jokes while solving technical problems. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and his two four-legged companions, Olive and Aspen. Wes is also a lifelong sailor currently docked in the Green Mountains, where he takes in the beauty of his surroundings while throwing chuck-it balls for his pups.
Wes’s enthusiasm for technology, extensive experience, and dedication to the business make him an excellent leader at North Branch Tech.

Jen Sweeney
Operations manager

As the Operations Manager, Jen oversees the back-end business operations, manages staff, and works closely with her team to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Since joining North Branch Tech full time in 2019, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, technical expertise, and dedication to customer service to become a respected leader. Jen prides herself on providing NBTech’s managed clients with top-tier support, and her sharp mind and unwavering commitment enable her to take on any challenge that comes her way. When she’s not intently focused on her computer, you’ll find her spending time with her family and beloved pup Coonie, and keeping up with her busy social life.
Jen’s passion for the ever-changing and fast-paced tech industry, along with her expertise, achievements, and dedication, make her an invaluable asset to North Branch Tech.

Sean Burke

Sean’s love for technology started at a young age, earning him the title of “the computer guy” in his family by the age of 10. After graduating from Vermont Tech with a degree in Computer Engineering, Sean began his career as a PC Technician at GW Plastics. Within a year, he was promoted to Systems Support Analyst due to his exceptional ability to analyze complex IT issues. He later worked as the IT Manager at Bolton Valley before becoming a Server Administrator for Vermont Mutual Insurance in Montpelier. Sean brings extensive experience with Windows Server and Microsoft SQL administration, networking infrastructure, and disaster recovery to his role at North Branch Tech. He is also known for his passion of helping others and his unflappable nature in the face of stress, enabling him to solve any challenge with a positive attitude.
Outside of work, Sean has a love for music and has been playing guitar since the age of 12. Sean is also an avid video gamer and enjoys nothing more than diving into a new adventure on his console.

Chris Bilodeau

With a passion for all things tech, Chris brought over 7 years of IT experience to his role at North Branch Tech when he started in 2021. He is an expert in PC service and device repair and has a talent for troubleshooting that puts a smile on clients’ faces. His dedication to providing top-notch customer service is matched only by his enthusiasm for gaming with friends and tinkering with his home PC. Chris is always on the lookout for the latest advancements in the tech industry and strives to keep himself updated.

Chris enjoys helping his friends and family with their technology questions and finding new ways to enhance his own tech skills. When not at work, Chris loves spending his free time gaming with friends and family, as well as exploring new hardware and software.

level 1 technician

Garrick Webster is a Level 1 IT Technician who joined North Branch Tech in June 2023. Garrick has a genuine passion for troubleshooting and a fascination for all things IT. His enthusiasm for helping clients and problem-solving makes him the perfect fit for the NBTech team.  He approaches every task with dedication and strives to provide exceptional IT support.

Outside of the technology realm, Garrick enjoys playing soccer and tennis. Garrick cherishes quality time spent with his friends and family. His commitment to both his work and personal life makes Garrick an invaluable asset to our team.


Finn is an IT consultant based in London, who has been working in the industry since 2018. He has a natural curiosity for technology and enjoys delving into what makes computers work. Finn has a particular expertise in building custom PCs and solving obscure tech issues. He built his first computer in 2012 and has been building them ever since. In his free time, Finn likes to keep up with the latest shows and video games.



Olive has been a beloved part of our North Branch Tech team since she joined us as a 10-week-old puppy. She’s a constant source of joy and stress relief for our team members, and she’s often seen closely following Wes around, just like his loyal shadow.

Aspen became a member of our team in late 2020 as a spirited 5-week-old puppy. He’s a bundle of energy, always ready for playtime. Aspen’s favorite hobby is chewing on his cherished bone, and he’s constantly trying to capture the attention of his big sister, Olive.

Coonie has been a delightful presence at North Branch Tech since his puppy days. Known for his friendly nature and cheeky antics, he’s always on the lookout for an opportunity to sneak away with his colleagues’ bones. When it comes to patience, let’s just say Coonie’s excitement is infectious!

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