Wes’ passion for technology and computers began in 1964 when he visited the World’s Fair. Browsing the IBM and AT&T exhibits, he knew how important technology would be for his future, even at the age of 9! Wes has been employed in the computer industry for over 35 years. From an extensive corporate background at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Central Vermont Medical Center, and Waitsfield Telecom, Wes wanted to share his knowledge and experience in a community-driven environment. He has been a business owner since 2005 and opened North Branch Tech in 2014. The combination of his extensive technical experience, vast knowledge of networking, and wisdom from working in the industry for so long has turned Wes into a computer wizard. He works his magic when faced with seemingly impossible to fix issues.

As North Branch Tech grows with the industry, Wes’ goal is to focus on local/small business IT management and security. Wes is a lifelong sailor currently docked in the Green Mountains.


Operations Manager

Jen has been with North Branch Tech and its sister, North Branch Café, since June 2013. She started on a part-time basis, left to explore other industries, but ultimately came back. Jen missed the ever-changing, fast paced environment and endless learning opportunities that come with being in the tech world. Her interest in tech, combined with her great organizational skills and love of people makes her a provider of excellent customer service, while being responsible for the back-end business of North Branch Tech. You will usually find Jen concentrating at the computer with a chai latte from the North Branch Café.



Chris has been working in IT for over 7 years and joined forces with North Branch Tech in 2021. Chris has always been intrigued by technology and loves all aspects of IT! He excels at PC service and repairing devices, and loves putting a smile on clients’ faces. Chris enjoys researching to stay up to date with the constantly evolving world of tech and appreciates gaining knowledge in different areas of IT. In his free time, you can find Chris working on his PC at home, helping his friends and family with their technology questions, and most of all gaming with his friends.


Simon has been with the North Branch Tech Team since 2021. Simon’s curiosity in how technology and machinery work sparked his interest in IT. He first began exploring IT as a hobby, building computers for himself and his family, as well as walking friends though their own IT issues. Simon’s continued interest led him to want to work professionally in the IT industry. His favorite things to do in IT are to build custom machines and figure out mysterious computer issues. In his free time, you can find Simon taking a drive throughout the countryside of Vermont, browsing the internet for cars or computer parts, or finding things to do all over the state.



Paul has many years of experience in IT and has a passion for helping others with their IT needs. Paul’s background as a Nuclear Electronics Technician in the U.S navy for 6 years has provided him with extensive knowledge on operating, maintaining, and repairing systems. Paul is an expert at troubleshooting and repairing computers, printers, and POS systems. He first became interested in technology when he bought his own computer in high school and repaired it himself when issues occurred. In his spare time, you can find the Eagle Scout out on the mountain, either hiking or snowboarding.



Finn has worked in the IT industry since 2018. He has a great mind for computers and is always interested in what makes them work. Finn loves working on custom, build-your-own PCs and solving your weirdest, most obscure tech issues. He built his first computer 6 years ago and has been building them since. In his spare time, Finn enjoys working on his car and playing video games.



Olive joined North Branch Tech as a 10-week-old puppy and has been a staple of the team ever since. She provides joy and stress relief for all of her team members. If you can’t find Olive, look for Wes, she is his shadow. 

Aspen joined our NBTech team in late 2020 as a 5-week old puppy! Aspen is a ball of energy and can be found chewing on his favorite bone or trying to get the attention of his big sister, Olive. 

Though Olive and Aspen still have a way to go in their tech education, their engineering of happiness and exceptional cuteness makes them essential to our team!

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