I hereby authorize the work described and agree to pay for the requested service upon completion. It is understood that North Branch Tech Services (aka NBTech) will perform the requested work to the best of its ability and that they are not liable for any damages caused by delay or other performance. The sole remedy for NBTech liability of any kind, including negligence, shall be limited to the re-performance of any defective service by NBTech, and in no event will include any incidental or consequential damages. The customer is responsible for having enough licensed copies of software for my equipment. 

It is important to understand that a fresh install, reformatting hard drives, or reloading software may result in the loss of your personal data, and you are responsible for making and maintaining reliable backups. The transfer, conversion, or recovery of data has the potential for data corruption or loss. North Branch Tech Services cannot be held responsible for any loss of data during the repair of my system.  

Condition of equipment 
We will return the repaired computer in the condition we found it. If there is a serious defect on the computer which you don’t want to us to fix this will be noted, this could be missing keys or cracks in the case etc. In some cases small cosmetic may appear as a part of the repair process but we will take the utmost care to ensure this won’t happen.

Most jobs are completed within 2-3 working days however in the case of those that require parts this can take longer. 

It is up to the customer to ensure that any important files and passwords are backed up before collection. 

Unless specifically asked we will not carry out any backups of data onsite as this can be very time-consuming. If you would like us to perform a backup of your data whilst onsite, this will be chargeable at our published hourly rate. However we generally backup important data when a computer arrives in the workshop, which is included in the quoted price. This backup is an automated process and the data is stored on our server for a period of 14 days, after which it will be securely deleted. If you do not want us to perform this backup, please let us know. In some cases for the purposes of the repair, we may clone your hard drive and store it as a password protected image file for a period of 14 days, after which it will be securely deleted. 

Operating System/Software Installation 
We can only install software that the customer has a valid license for unless it is freely available. For example, a Windows operating system can only be re-installed if the computer has a valid COA sticker or one stored in the UEFI BIOS (the vast majority of systems do have a valid license). 

We cannot be responsible for any data loss which occurs during the repair process either onsite or in our workshop. However, we never purposely delete any data other than the recycle bin and temporary files [files that are hidden from the user but make the computer work]. 

Data Protection and Privacy 
We follow the data protection best practices and will do our utmost to protect your data. We will never pass your data onto third parties unless required to do so by law. We collect personal information such as email address, contact numbers, and home address in order to necessitate the repair. These will not be passed onto third parties unless required to do so by law. We reserve the right to contact the client once the job has been completed for whatever reason. All files are just that files, we will never purposely view any documents, photographs etc. unless strictly required for the repair process for example data recovery. 

For new/refurbished computers we may ask for a deposit of 50% upfront, for repairs requiring parts we may require the full amount of the part depending on circumstances. 

Hardware Repairs – We offer a 3-month warranty on hardware repairs unless otherwise specified. Repairs which we consider temporary will advise the client of this before work is commissioned. 
Software Repairs – Due to the nature of software it is impossible to warranty against software problems, however, if the same fault re-occurs with 3 months of the original fault we will fix it again free of charge unless the fault is deemed to be end user error. 
Virus Malware/Removals – Due to the ever-changing nature of viruses we can only offer 30 days warranty on this service, however, we always aim to make your machine as secure as possible. 
Refurbished Computers – Unless specified otherwise all refurbished machines come with a 6-month hardware warranty. 
No warranty is implied or given on data stored on the machine. For example, if a hard drive fails within the warranty period on a computer provided by NBTech, the hard drive will be replaced free of charge under warranty but any possible data recovery will incur an additional charge. 

Any given warranty does not cover damage caused by the end user, for example, a dropped laptop or a power surge etc. 

Any given warranty starts from the date of invoice. 

Abandoned Devices: We will securely save devices for 1 month before considering them abandoned. Once a device is considered abandoned it will be wiped and recycled accordingly. 


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